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How to Quit a Project Management Job on Good Terms

No matter how much you like your colleagues or the company for which you work, there is always a certain uneasiness about quitting a job. However, resigning from your job does not mean you have to end your relationship with your former boss and colleagues. What’s more, in order to… Read more

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How to Create and Promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The best companies instill a culture of continuous improvement to stay productive, creative and profitable. Even if your business is doing extremely well, creating a culture of continuous improvement keeps your employees engaged, interested and committed. If the company stops improving, your competitors are likely to overtake you and the… Read more

pmo partners flexible project management workforce

A Flexible Project Management Workforce Brings Your Business These Three Benefits

Given the rising costs and complex logistics of hiring permanent employees, an increasing number of companies now prefer bringing in contract workers to lead a specific project or initiative. A flexible workforce offers wide-ranging benefits in terms of innovation, cost-effectiveness and experience. What’s more, hiring contract workers not only allows… Read more

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Create an Achievement-Oriented Resume to Get Hired Quickly

Every project management job opening attracts a pile of resumes from interested applicants. In order to stand out from the competition, your resume needs to highlight your accomplishments. Including accomplishments in your resume is the best way to show prospective employers what you can do for them. What’s more, hiring… Read more

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Every Project Manager Should Watch These Five TED Talks

It’s never an easy task to manage a project successfully from start to finish. Successful project management involves setting goals, opening communication channels, managing resources and gathering feedback. Efficient project management skills help reduce costs, optimize resources and encourage teamwork. With the start of the new year comes a new… Read more

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How Choosing the Right Management Tools Can Boost Project Performance

With multiple project management tools available in the market, it’s important for companies to select the right ones for their requirement. What’s more, effective project management tools offer powerful features to help you plan, organize, execute and monitor project progress. It can be challenging to find the tools to suit… Read more

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How to Increase Engagement and Retain Top Project Managers in the New Year

Keeping in mind that nearly 42 million workers will change jobs in 2019, employers need to make employee retention their number one priority. It’s harder – and more expensive – to have to recruit, onboard and train new hires compared to retaining your current employees. What’s more, how leaders manage… Read more

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Innovative Ideas from 2018 for Project Management Professionals

As one of the premier recruiting companies in the IT project management field, we have proudly served the dedicated community with selective focus during 2018. We have truly enjoyed investing time and effort into learning about candidates’ career goals and understanding the short-term and long-term objectives of businesses throughout the… Read more

How to Ace This Year’s Performance Review

Performance reviews generally take place at regular intervals and can be stressful for everyone involved. While managers don’t relish critiquing their subordinates, employees rarely enjoy the added scrutiny. More often than not, employees don’t think about the process beforehand and as a result, they miss out on leveraging the opportunity… Read more

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Five Must-Have Skills to Look For in Your Next Project Manager

Reliable IT project management skills can help business initiatives succeed. Top-tier project managers should possess a combination of technical and soft skills in order to be able to work with people in many different roles. Whether you are hiring through your internal team or using a specialist recruiter, it’s important… Read more