IT Project Manager Salary Trends for 2022

IT Project Manager Salary Trends for 2022

IT Project Manager salary trends have one outstanding characteristic: in the last few years, they’ve increased dramatically.

According to CIO Digital Magazine, “IT Project managers are the front-line officers of the modern white-collar workforce: Project Managers in IT come up with the standards, budgets, and timetables for IT projects. They are in charge of all steps of projects, from delegating tasks to employees, procuring equipment and materials, to making sure that the project meets quality requirements. They ensure that the job is done on time and within budget, according to ComputerWorld.”

The IT Project Manager is a vital asset in most companies. Yet, determining how much they should be paid for their services can seem overwhelming, especially when you notice how industry and geography impact them. Experience and additional certifications can earn PMs a salary boost of tens of thousands.

IT Project Manager Salary Trends Across the Nation

Chances are good that the IT Project Manager you want to hire is already working for someone else. They could be in your city, or they may be willing to relocate.

Either way, recruiters recommend that you offer a highly competitive salary; Glassdoor reports that, on average, that’s $89,000/year. Payscale indicates that the salary range for an IT Project Manager is between $80K and 129K, including bonuses, profit sharing, and commission.

California pays some of the highest annual salaries, at almost $129K. IT Project Managers in Texas average $84K, and in North Carolina, the average is $77K. How do you know what a reasonable salary is for your location? Ask your recruiter.

Offering a competitive salary isn’t enough. You’ll also need to include appealing perks, such as:

  • Benefits (medical/dental/vision insurance, 401k, flex schedules)
  • Bonuses (sign-on, end-of-project, end-of-year)
  • Incentives (customized to personal interests)

Common Mistakes When Hiring IT Project Managers 

Failing to offer an attractive salary when hiring an IT project manager can be a deadly mistake. These common mistakes also can be costly:

  • Taking too long to make an offer.
  • Disregarding a counteroffer for a larger salary or perks other than the ones you included in the job offer.
  • Not recognizing an IT Project Manager’s value to the company.
  • Ignoring any plans for the PM’s continued professional development (for example, education degrees or certifications like Agile).
  • Forgetting to establish a career path within your company.

IT Project Manager Recruiters can help you avoid these mistakes when hiring top talent that you can’t because of their relationships with top-level in the field, passive talent who are still doing great in their role.

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