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Are You a Networker or a Cold-Caller on the Job Hunt?

Building a network you stay in touch with regularly can help you learn new skills and career perspectives, while also being top-of-mind when new opportunities arise. How can you grow your network and engage with your professional contacts on an ongoing basis, rather than just reaching out to learn about a new job?

Don’t Make It Harder Than It Has to Be

The worst time to start networking is when you are actively searching for a job. You can come across as desperate or selfish to the people you want to make a great impression on. If you build your network when you are actively employed, you can take a more relaxed approach and may be able to offer something to others in your network instead of looking for something for yourself.

Be Selective

Don’t add just anyone to your professional network. The important thing about a professional network is you nurture it carefully. You can’t do that effectively if your network is too big to keep up with. Choose people you trust in the project management industry that you can help and who can help you.

Stay in Touch

If your network is local, you can invite them for the occasional coffee, but that’s not always possible. While you can follow members of your network on social media, it’s not enough to like pictures of their dog (although that doesn’t hurt). Share articles about industry developments, or news you may have heard about companies or technologies you know they are interested in.

Share the Wealth

If your company is hiring or if you notice an opportunity you are not interested in, pass it along to individuals who may be interested. Don’t assume they have already seen it. The internet in particular is a torrent of information. It can be tough to keep up or identify the gems.

Share Your Knowledge

While one-on-one personal networking is typically the most effective, there is nothing wrong with sharing your expertise with a wider audience. It’s a great way to be considered a thought leader and become an in-demand candidate. You may even capture the attention of your dream company. Consider blogging, public speaking or sharing on social media. You can even write articles for trade publications.

What About Cold Calling?

Calling employers can be a part of your job hunt strategy, but typically you put a lot more into it than you get out of it. The chances of getting someone on the phone who has the power to hire, the time to talk and a suitable open position are pretty slim. Instead, spend your time on more productive methods of search

You never need to cold call if you make PMO Partners part of your network. Get in touch to tell us about your career goals and your skills and experience, and we’d be happy to help you make a connection. Contact us today!