Common mistakes when hiring IT

Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes When Hiring IT Project Managers

The most common mistakes when hiring IT come from hiring the wrong person. Bring in someone who is not the right fit for the job, and you’ll lose time, patience and money. A CareerBuilder survey discovered that among the 75 percent of employers who reported hiring a bad fit also noted that their hiring decision cost them around $17,000. It is significantly hire for an IT hire.

According to The Society for Human Resource Management, if you recruit and onboard the wrong tech personnel, you’ll find yourself spending several times that hire’s annual salary to terminate the current employee, recruit and hire a replacement, and provide sufficient onboarding. That could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.

Hiring hindsight always results in 20/20 vision, however months can pass before either of you realizes that things aren’t working out.  A bad hiring decision is often the reason for high employee turnover, as well.

Avoid the most common mistakes when hiring IT

Your ability to hire top talent depends greatly on how well you promote your brand, not only as an industry leader but also as an employer. By scrutinizing and revising your interview process, you can avoid common mistakes when hiring IT project managers.

Use these strategies to attract and hire the right IT talent:

  • Update and customize the job description

    When was the last time you review the duties and responsibilities for the open position? A good rule of thumb is to update every job description annually.

  • Coordinate the application process with technology

    Candidates today apply for jobs on the go, from their phones. IT professionals especially expect seamless interfaces.

  • Look beyond traditional methods for recruiting candidates

    You can find excellent candidates – including passive talent — in many places besides job boards and websites. Talk with a recruiter!

  • Assess how well applicants fit your company culture 

    Before and during the interview, keep in mind that you’re looking for fit.

  • Make the interview process challenging

    A ho-hum interview suggests to candidates that the job will be equally boring. Instead, ask open-ended questions and encourage the candidate to ask some of their own.

  • Test skills

    If you don’t understand what the tech position entails, bring in a professional recruiter who does.

  • Avoid using “gut feeling” to make a hire

    Check references and review skills testing results. Ask the interview team for their assessment of the candidates.

  • Respond to IT candidates promptly

    After interviews, candidates expect to hear back quickly. If they don’t, they move on to the next opportunity.

IT Project Manager Recruiters can help you avoid the most common mistakes when hiring IT personnel. Recruiters have already developed relationships with passive top-level talent still doing great in their current roles.

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