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Traits to Look for in Remote Employees

Regardless of the role you want to fill at your company, you want some critical traits in remote management. These traits are essential, as remote employees have more independence and self-accountability than in-person employees. You cannot constantly monitor them, so you need to trust that they can stay on task and complete assigned projects.

Look for the following traits in remote managers to maximize their chances of success with your company.

Written Communication Skills

Written communication skills are easily among the essential traits of a remote employee. This is because most remote communication occurs via writing, whether in emails or an internal chat or collaboration service.

Choosing remote employees with strong written communication skills ensures that they can communicate their ideas on the first attempt. This saves time whether they ask you a question or share ideas for the project. Poorly written communication can quickly turn into a timewaster.

Independent Working Skills

As mentioned, remote work requires more independence than those who work in the office. You will not be in the same space, so you cannot directly supervise them. The ability to work independently is crucial if your remote workers will work at different times than you. In this case, they will not be able to contact you with questions or concerns quickly.

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the priorities among the independent working skills is the ability to solve problems. Importantly, remote employees know when to search for answers themselves and contact you or another team member with their questions. This ability reduces the interruptions an employee creates for others.

Hiring someone who constantly asks others for answers they could find themselves does more than interrupt the days of others. It also reduces their ability to work efficiently. After all, they may find themselves waiting for hours for an answer they could have found online in a matter of minutes. That wait could potentially put your projects behind schedule.

Technological Skills

Not all remote employees need to be technological whizzes, but they must have basic specialized skills. They must be able to log into and use the various tools your company relies on. This includes communication software for chats and calls, as well as any other programs you use. Even if someone is not familiar with a particular program, having basic technological skills should quickly learn the program.

A Culture Fit

Please do not ignore the importance of hiring someone who fits your company’s culture because they will be working remotely. They will still interact with your team regularly via writing, chat, and video conferences. You can typically tell whether someone will be a good fit in this sense during a video interview.

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