The New Face of Project Management: How Millennials Are Changing the Industry

Millennials are now are the largest generation in the workforce. They grew up with constantly-evolving technology, and they are comfortable with adapting to change and learning to use new tools. Their valuable insight and outside-the-box thinking might be just what your business or organization needs.

Savvy businesses are re-evaluating their operations to recruit – and retain – top project management talent. In return, they are bringing to the table experience that is more introspective and connected to the world around them, coupled with fresh perspectives the leverage ever-changing technology to their advantage. PMO Partners is an elite IT project management consulting firm that can help your team find the project management professionals that best fit your business and its needs.

Here are a few of the most prevalent ways Millennials are changing project management for the better.

More Willing to Take Risks

One of the most notable traits of Millennials is that they are always willing to think outside-the-box and try new ways of doing things until they find something that suits them best. This trait often becomes an extension of their team, since it encourages others to take risks instead of playing it safe by doing things the way they’ve always done. This boldness when it comes to taking risks results in more agility in their management strategies leads, which leads to more favorable results.

Comfortable With Changing Technology Trends – and Better Communication

Millennials love technology and the change it brings. They are more accustomed in how to use it to their advantage. What’s more, communication has never been better since there are so many different ways to connect. From smartphones to tablets and everything in between, Millennials know how to ensure their teams are always in the know and connected on every task.

The Decision-Making Process Is Shorter

With access to digital information in the palm of our hands, the decision-making process is now more streamlined. Project management used to be laborious and time-consuming. With so much information readily available, things come together more quickly and seamlessly, which increases efficiency. This results in faster and more professional service to clients and customers.

Broader Range of Knowledge and Diversity

Millennials are from a different generation, and so is their way of thinking. They are far more willing to make changes than previous generations who are set in their ways. This increases diversity of ideas and leads to much higher levels of creativity and better strategies in the long-run.

Millennials Build Teams That Work Together

Millennials pride themselves in building strong connection with their teams. They love working in collaboration with others to achieve goals they’ve set, and this mindset is what sets them apart from any other generation as successful project managers.

At PMO Partners, we know what it takes to set your project management team apart from the rest, as well as how to successfully integrate Millenials into a workforce that was previously dominated by Baby Boomers. Millenials are the future, and by embracing them now, you’ll set your company up for success well into the future.  Contact us today to discuss strategies and options.

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