Top Reasons to Depend on a Professional Project Management Recruitment Firm

Chances are you’re already all too familiar with how difficult it is to find talented, skilled team members within the IT project management space. Maybe you’re flooded with resumes and candidates that appear qualified on the surface, but the onboarding process shows you a completely different picture. Staffing and recruitment is often one of the biggest – and costliest – challenges of project management.

Honestly, the market is insanely competitive. The issue is that brushing off the dust and uncovering the best talent requires a level of expertise in recruitment that many organizations don’t possess. This is why businesses, both large and small, are leaning more on project management recruitment firms to fill their IT project staffing needs.

The question, is working with a project management recruitment firm the right fit for your organization? Here’s why it pays to partner with a provider of PMO solutions for your recruitment needs

Across-the-Board Expertise

Depending on the size of your business, your HR department might include less than a handful of individuals who are there not only for recruitment purposes, but also to handle every other HR responsibility of your company. Chances are, that while they’re good at their job, they’re aren’t specialized in IT project management recruitment – especially for every level of your operation.

A project management recruitment firm focuses solely on connecting you with the best available talent in the industry. They have in-depth knowledge about what your business needs and know how to identify those characteristics in candidates. A recruitment firm eliminates the guesswork by finding candidates that are the ideal match for your business.

Expansive Networks

You know the perfect person for your IT project management team is out there. The challenge is finding them. Most businesses rely on a limited network for recruiting purposes, and many don’t extend beyond the candidates that have approached them about a position.

Meeting your ideal fit through these traditional means is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Project management recruitment firms have access to an expansive network through which they source qualified candidates. Instead of sorting through a mountain of candidates and hoping for the best, you get connected with the exact professional your team needs.

Improved Retention Rates

Today, more businesses are looking toward contingent workforces to fill their staffing needs. Traditionally, contingent workers were thought of as temporary space fillers, but not anymore. Top-level candidates are taking advantage of contingent work opportunities to get their foot in the door of great companies. What does this have to do with retention rates?

Pretty much everything.

When you lean on a project management for staffing firms, your new team members have the opportunity to get a feel for your organization and demonstrate their abilities while you assess whether they’re a good fit long term. This “trial” period gives you the chance to weed out those without long-term potential and focus on investing in those who are primed for retention.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

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