How IT Project Managers and HR Leaders Can Partner for Success

How IT Project Managers and HR Leaders Can Partner for Success

What do the CIO and the CHRO have in common?

As it turns out, a whole lot — especially risk mitigation.

It Project Managers and HR leaders want to ensure every initiative is launched successfully, with as little risk as possible. At first glance, the difference between these two positions is that the IT Project Managers deal with technology, and HR leaders focus on talent.

In truth, both leaders rely on industry knowledge and human psychology centering around task completion. Managing workflow and the people engaged in the process are the same thing: an orchestrated strategic movement designed to produce desired outcomes.

The partnership between these two positions is inevitable.

Top IT Project Managers Have Skills

IT project managers have unique characteristics that make them the best collaborative choice when projects must be completed on time and successfully. These IT specialists are known for diversified skills, like:

  • Understanding how to leverage technology to streamline the work in other departments.
  • Making hardware and software recommendations that simplify redundant or labor-intensive processes.
  • Delegating responsibility and monitoring milestones to ensure the project meets your deadline.
  • Assisting teams in collecting and analyzing data, so you know where your department stands.
  • Never shirking from work; instead, they’re willing to put in long hours to be sure you’ll meet your goals.

If you have an IT Project Manager at your company, ask if they’ll collaborate with you on your projects, especially if you’re an HR leader.

How IT Project Managers and HR Leaders Can Use Collaboration  

HR departments experience extreme swings as they jockey between hiring and onboarding professionals. In some industries, only one or two busy seasons occupy HR leaders’ focus. In others, the busy season feels like it’s year-round.

You can stop running around as if your hair is on fire. IT Project Managers often find themselves attracted to the challenges you’re facing, bringing solutions with them.

They can help you tackle your most extensive HR projects by approaching your project with these steps:

  1. Identify the problems and help you articulate your end goals.
  2. Roll out technologies for talent applications, training, and evaluations.
  3. Assign tasks to others — on your team, their team, and quite possibly, other departments.
  4. Gather data and join the discussion centering around its interpretation.
  5. Establish an accountability schedule, so every task gets done.

When your business is ready to incorporate complex tech solutions and leverage the skills of a qualified IT Project Manager, reach out to us to level up.

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