World's Top IT Project Managers

World’s Top IT Project Managers Face an Abundance of Options

If you’re hoping to find one of the world’s top IT project managers, you’ll need more than an open position and mediocre salary to attract and retain this employee.

Several key factors are affecting workers in the IT field and employment in general. Forced quarantines during the pandemic transitioned into the Great Resignation, which has shown little sign of abatement. Employees in high-demand areas such as healthcare and technology reconsidered their career choices and identified what aspects of the pay, benefits, scheduling, and more are most essential to their well-being.

Hiring decisions have driven employers to be more competitive at a time when filling every current position is difficult and planning for expansion is challenging. Employees who feel burned out are hoping for reinforcements as CEOs are trying to improve service and provide more products.

As a result, half of the CEOs worldwide report worrying about recruitment and retention when it comes to IT talent. Not surprisingly, many misconceptions about IT hiring abound.

Three misconceptions about hiring the world’s top IT project managers

Recovery and growth can be a painful process, even more so when you feel short-staffed. However, you can gain ground and fill talent gaps if you know how to work around the misconceptions surrounding hiring the world’s top IT project managers.

  1. More is better. Hiring several IT personnel won’t always solve the problems you may be facing. Hiring one person with top-notch skills can be a wiser investment than hiring several IT persons at lower salaries. Likewise, avoid assuming that if the pay is good enough, an employee will stay with you indefinitely. There are more likely to stay because of benefits and their sense of whether their contributions are valued.
  2. Employees bring their own motivation to the job. Some employees are intrinsically motivated, but even their spirits sometimes drag, especially during busy seasons. In addition to preferred perks like financial and health wellness plans, offer individualized benefits that your employees find significant.
  3. Talent shortages prevent you from growing your business. Although it’s becoming less prevalent, this misconception stems from the assumption that you need personnel to carry out tasks. AI and machine learning are changing how businesses grow. Digital solutions can fill in the gaps when the talent is not available.

The real secret to hiring and retaining top talent

Success in hiring the best IT project managers requires companies to create a continuous feedback loop based on motivation. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, most candidates seek three needs: basic safety/survival, psychological and fulfillment. Companies can help employees meet these needs by creating an Opportunity Loop.

Three critical steps make up this loop:

  • Analyze: When considering a hire, analyze company needs and candidate strengths. You’ll discover what each finds essential in a job.
  • Test: On a small scale, assess the accuracy of your analysis when interviewing candidates for the IT position.
  • Listen: Review results and especially gather feedback from those involved. Look for big data and anecdotal evidence that your actions are working.

Be sure to include multiple team members in this loop, including not only the candidate but also current employees and your IT Project Manager Recruiter.

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