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Innovative Ideas from 2018 for Project Management Professionals

As one of the premier recruiting companies in the IT project management field, we have proudly served the dedicated community with selective focus during 2018. We have truly enjoyed investing time and effort into learning about candidates’ career goals and understanding the short-term and long-term objectives of businesses throughout the country. We have continued to make our clients and candidates our top priority in the face of evolving technologies, new rules and shifting employment landscapes.

As part of our consistent efforts to give back to the IT project management community, we have published a wide array of blog posts discussing different challenges related to the field of project management. Take a look at this quick recap of our best blog posts from 2018 for project managers.

1. How Emotional Intelligence Can Enhance Your Project Leadership

A high EQ helps foster better conflict resolution, improved social and leadership skills and enhanced wellbeing. Emotional intelligence offers multiple benefits including stable workplace relationships, positive environment and the ability to deal with difficult people in your team. The article also offers quick and valuable insights into how you can upgrade your emotional intelligence.

2. Do You Need Project Management Certification to Move Your Career Forward?

You can gain an edge over your competitors by pursuing formal certification in project management.  Project management certification also helps you improve your marketability, become eligible for higher compensation and enjoy a wider range of employment opportunities. The blog post helps you examine different options available.

3. Technology and the World of Non-Profits: How the World of Fundraising Is Changing

Non-profits can embrace evolving technology to market their fundraising options more effectively. The articles discusses how non-profits can leverage cloud-based applications and automated technology to cut costs and adapt to future requirements.

4. What to Expect When Interviewing for a Contract Position

American workers are increasingly turning to the “gig economy” and contract work to advance their careers and gain experience as independent contractors. This article reviews the key differences interviewees might encounter in an interview for a contract position compared to a full-time opening.

5. Five Steps for Successful Project Management in Higher Education

Project management in higher education paves the way for quality improvements in planning, infrastructure, academic assessment and employee retention. By setting clear expectations, identifying stakeholders and finding the right resources, you can effectively transfer your project management skills to the field of higher education.

Our team at PMO Partners is committed to providing innovative IT staffing solutions that reflect the needs of organizations and candidates. Contact us in 2019 to help us learn how we can help you fulfill your requirements and meet your goals for the new year.