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Why Workplace Feedback is Invaluable

There have been countless studies on the significance of feedback in the workplace. Feedback on customer service, feedback on products, and feedback on staff are all critical ways of measuring how your company is doing. Many people view feedback as something like annual reports, disciplinary meetings, and other internal findings.  

In reality, every time we interact with another person, we are getting feedback. How we react to that person and how they react to us is considered feedback. Effective listening is another way to describe feedback. In fact, many business systems analyses show that companies that have the best means of communicating feedback tend to have better satisfaction among staff.  

Feedback Uses 

Feedback helps employees develop their skills and turn jobs into careers. Feedback also is a fantastic way to continue learning. These types of feedback are best delivered in the form of constructive criticism. Doing it in an organic, conversational matter is one way to help ensure the feedback gets utilized in the best possible way.  

How to Get Quality Feedback 

There are numerous ways to collect feedback on your business. You can choose to do formal surveys from research firms or conduct casual conversations.  

Before getting questions ready for your people, consider the quality of what you’re asking. While “How am I doing?” is a valid question, it likely will not garner you much in the way of quality feedback you can use. Asking more specific questions such as “Can you rate my ability to connect or engage?” will get you better feedback. Additionally, asking this question to multiple people will also get you better feedback.  

Making sure the feedback can be given honestly and anonymously is another important step. Asking coworkers to rate other employees’ performance publicly will not get you true feedback. Instead, offer them the opportunity to provide their opinion without being exposed as the source.  

Use the Feedback 

The information you collect will do you no good if you do not implement some of it. If you see the same negative responses over and over to some questions, then you should address these areas. If everyone is giving you the feedback that your customer service is lackluster, it is time to make some changes and create better attitudes.  

You do not need to consider each piece of feedback; instead, look for patterns. If there is a pattern, then that is an area that needs to be addressed. Be deliberate in how you use your feedback, and you will see your business improve.  

Your business shouldn’t be stagnating. When you have a business that evolves and modifies its behavior and services to match the needs of customers and employees, you have a business that is capable of growth.  



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