How IT Project Managers Change Verticals

How IT Project Managers Change Verticals – From Those Who Have Done It

Are you ready for an exciting change?

Many leaders, especially in technology, give serious thought to switching industries. They have a lot of reasons for doing so. Some people have found themselves in fields being outsourced by technology or overseas jobs, and others seek new challenges in yet-to-be-explored business and commerce sectors.

It’s All About Transferrable Skills

They either want something new, or they feel forced to find it.

For many of these people, industry knowledge is often critical to job performance success unless they possess transferrable skills like an IT project manager.

How IT project managers change verticals may inspire you to change verticals within your own career, where you might reap immense financial and professional benefits.

Insider Tips on How IT Project Managers Change Verticals

You’re not alone if you’ve been dreaming of taking on a new professional challenge. Being in technology can make the switch more manageable, especially if your background is in IT project management. You might even be able to maintain or improve your current salary and benefits.

Here’s how IT project managers change verticals:

  • Stay close to the area in which you work now. When considering a career switch, avoid straying too far from the industry you’re in currently. If you’ve been working in education, your skillset may be
  • Seek out fast-growing industries needing talent now. Health and patient care, warehousing, and data management are some industries poised for exponential growth.
  • Create a strategic plan for your transition. Identify which of your skills are of most value in the new sector. Revise your resume with your target industry keywords. Update your LinkedIn profile to showcase these skills.
  • Explore the possibility of working for a smaller organization. You may find more opportunities in smaller companies because there are fewer management levels to navigate. These companies may be more willing to give someone with outstanding skills but less industry experience a chance.
  • Build a team. Finding the right fit in your industry can feel overwhelming. Changing verticals is even more dizzying. Rely on your network resources to help locate a role in another sector. Reach out to a recruiter who can help you map out your plan for change and get you to your destination.

Changing verticals gives you one more advantage: you’ll be known as a risk-taker, an essential characteristic of leadership in any organization.