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How to Increase Engagement and Retain Top Project Managers in the New Year

Keeping in mind that nearly 42 million workers will change jobs in 2019, employers need to make employee retention their number one priority. It’s harder – and more expensive – to have to recruit, onboard and train new hires compared to retaining your current employees. What’s more, how leaders manage their employees has a substantial effect on engagement levels.

That’s not all.

Tapping into every employee’s unique set of beliefs, talents and goals drives company success. Increasing employee engagement involves evaluating work-life balance, compensation levels, career growth, job satisfaction and clarity of job roles. You can – and should – consider adopting a holistic, employee-centric approach to increase engagement and reduce turnover in the process.

Productive Ideas to Increase Employee Engagement

  1. Create an Effective Hiring Process – One of the best ways to reduce turnover is to hire the right people in the first place. In addition to evaluating skills, qualifications and experience, make sure you hire for cultural fit. What’s more, specialized recruiting agencies can help you find the right candidates for different roles.
  2. Train Your Managers – More often than not, employees quit due to bad experiences with managers. Train your managers in leadership and communication skills to help them foster positive relationships with employees.
  3. Give Employees Frequent Recognition – Be mindful of your employees by giving them recognition and respect for their contributions. Show your gratitude by organizing social events, giving small tokens of appreciation and writing personal thank-you notes.
  4. Help Your Employees Learn and Grow – Performance-oriented employees often get frustrated with limited opportunities for growth. Providing challenging tasks and sending them for training courses helps maximize their potential.
  5. Build a Positive Work Culture – Create a workplace that is free of hostility and negative vibes. Encourage employees to provide feedback about expectations, performance, job roles and responsibilities. Listen carefully to their opinions and get to know them better on a personal level.

Engaged Employees Are Less Likely to Quit

Now more than ever, organizations rely on the commitment and loyalty of their workers in order to thrive. What’s more, When an employee quits, in addition to incurring considerable financial costs, morale across the entire team drops. Disengaged employees are less likely to be invested in your organization’s mission, goals and values.

On the other hand, engaged employees work with passion, solve problems, make proactive decisions and create new business opportunities. Companies that actively engage with employees enjoy higher financial returns, surpass the competition and attract high-quality candidates.

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