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Digitization Boosts IT Salaries Even Higher

Since many brick-and-mortar stores had to close their doors during the pandemic, e-commerce sales are steadily increasing around the country. Organizations continue to undergo digital transformations to meet the shopping needs of more consumers online, so the demand is rising for IT professionals. This also means good news regarding salaries in the US tech sector. As IT salaries continue to increase, here is a closer look at some of these relevant trends.

E-commerce Sales Climbing

According to recent US Department of Commerce statistics, even though more cities and states reopen, many consumers are still opting to shop online. Reports indicated that e-commerce sales of over $196 billion during the first quarter of 2021 alone. The industry continues to experience a growing demand for e-commerce web developers, business analysts, and project managers. Salaries will continue to rise the most for those professionals with experience improving online purchase paths, AR/VR skills, and app optimization.

IT Occupations With Significant Salary Increases

As more organizations move toward digitizing their stock, data scientists and cybersecurity analysts are among the highest demand in the IT industry and therefore are experiencing the most significant salary increases. But, the pandemic also forced many businesses to adopt remote work models leading to new cybersecurity threats. Today’s analysts face more challenges than ever before, including securing virtual cloud environments, supply chains, ransomware attacks, authentication abuse, etc., which is why their salaries have risen over 16.3% since 2020. Here is a glimpse of the fastest-growing salaries by occupation:

  • Data Scientist +12.8%
  • DevOps Engineer +12.2%
  • Tech Support Engineer +8.2%
  • Cloud Engineer +6.3%
  • Business Analyst +5.3%

Highest Paying Tech States

Tech wages rose across the country to include original tech hubs, like Silicon Valley and Boston, along with up-and-coming hubs like Texas and Florida. But, it was Charlotte, North Carolina (+13.8%) and Orlando, Florida (+13.4%) that experienced the biggest tech salary increases. Austin, Texas, is quickly becoming a preferred location for major tech companies like Tesla and Hewlett Packard thanks to its lower corporate taxes, looser regulations, and cost of living. However, not all regions were as fortunate, and some cities including Portland, Chicago, and Seattle, experienced declines in IT salaries.

IT Professionals Earn More With These Skills

In addition to location, tech salaries are rising based on specific skill sets. For instance, those people versed in RabbitMQ saw their salaries rise 10.1%, followed by Vagrant (+8.5%), AI (+7.2%), and natural language programming (+4.8%). Programmers that earned the most were those experienced in TensorFlow, Go language, Scala, and KornShell.

Industry experts have predicted that IT salaries for skilled tech professionals will continue to rise throughout 2021, with wages being influenced by occupation, location, and skillsets.

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