IT Project Manager

High Demand for IT Project Managers Continues

IT project managers are some of the biggest changemakers in a company as technology becomes a bigger and bigger part of everything we do. Who else but an IT Project Manager makes the challenging trek back and forth between business and technology, enjoys problematic situations, and works in some of the most demanding conditions?

No wonder businesses recruit top-level performers for these roles.

Recruiters have noted that individuals with outstanding project management skills are most in-demand. Couple stellar project management skills with an understanding of the ever-changing tech world, operating within a budget, and meeting tight deadlines, and you’ll see why filling these positions is essential for corporate success.

Businesses need IT Project Managers more than ever; the demand for top-level IT project managers increases yearly – not only here but worldwide, where nations like China and India are trying to catch up. Countries and organizations worldwide are seeking to hire more new candidates for this leadership position.

Responsibilities of strategic IT project managers   

If you’re thinking about moving into the IT project management niche, now’s the time. Be ready for fierce competition for these positions. Even candidates wanting to sharpen their skills should be prepared to compete with resourceful strategists committed to leveraging technology to improve the bottom line.

The best PMs in the industry have razor-sharp skills in seven competencies. To differentiate themselves, these leaders:

  1. actively seek project support.
  2. know their network infrastructure, hardware, and software.
  3. stay current with tech trends.
  4. exercise judgment based on reasonability.
  5. understand and apply organizational standards and processes in their projects (think Agile, PMBOK® and SDLC Guides).
  6. motivate their team members.
  7. communicate with transparency.

Finally, being a top-level IT manager requires adaptability. Technology changes quickly, and so do the roles supporting it. The Project Management wheelhouse demands that you have skills in B2B marketing, channel management, raising capital, and data management, to name a few examples. It may also be helpful to know Java, SQL, Python, and JavaScript depending on the role.

Critical skills that make the PM

Recruiters have one critical piece of advice for PM candidates in IT: hone your communication skills. Outstanding communication is how successful leaders attract supporters, build, and motivate teams, work through processes and reach goals.

When you land your dream job, you’ll face a variety of responsibilities requiring collaboration and information dissemination, such as:

  • Organizing and leading meetings
  • Persuading stakeholders
  • Talking with team members and senior executives
  • Showing empathy
  • Building trust
  • Listening to ideas from others

Incredible opportunities await those who have developed strategic management skills in IT. If you’re ready to leap into a demanding career that will put your management skills to work, we’re prepared to help you advance your career.

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