How Servant Leadership Can Improve Your Team

How Servant Leadership Can Improve Your Team

In business analysis and project management, servant leadership can have a positive effect on the way a team works together to contribute to the success of a company. By focusing on serving the team, servant leadership empowers employees to realize their potential, learn new skills, and work together with their team members toward shared goals. Learn how servant leadership can improve your team.

What Is Servant Leadership?

Servant leadership is a style of management coined by Robert K. Greenleaf that puts employees first. Servant leaders see their job as providing their team members with the guidance, training tools, and support they need succeed. The servant leadership approach operates from an understanding that everyone has value no matter what their rank is and encourages everyone to work for the greater good of the team instead of self-interest.

A Serve-First Mindset Promotes Engagement

When a company actively works to serve their employees, everyone benefits. Employees feel like they matter and that their managers care about their career development. As a result, they are more engaged in the work they do. If servant leadership starts during the onboarding process and continues consistently, employees feel like a valued member of a team from day one. Ultimately, you end up with a highly engaged team of professionals who are working together to accomplish shared goals.

Servant Leadership Makes Use of the Team’s Talent

No matter how skilled a manager is, they can’t replicate the diversity of talent that their team has. Servant leadership encourages management to relinquish some of their authority and instead focus on giving employees the confidence, autonomy, and training they need to make the most of their talent. Your team is your biggest asset. Servant leaderships treats your employees as the investment that they are.

The key is for servant leaders is to listen and observe. By paying attention to their employees, leaders can identify what their team needs to succeed and make sure they have the support they need to maximize their talent.

Servant leadership is an approach to management that can improve your team’s performance. This style of leadership urges managers to trust and respect their employees, while providing them with the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to accomplish tasks as a team. It’s about distributing responsibility, establishing shared objectives, and motivating team members in such a way that everyone wants to see the company and their colleagues succeed.


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