How to Ace This Year’s Performance Review

Performance reviews generally take place at regular intervals and can be stressful for everyone involved. While managers don’t relish critiquing their subordinates, employees rarely enjoy the added scrutiny. More often than not, employees don’t think about the process beforehand and as a result, they miss out on leveraging the opportunity to secure a raise. What’s more, an important promotion or a lucrative bonus may hinge on the outcome of your job evaluation. Preparing yourself well in advance – instead of responding instinctively during the process – will help you know what to expect.

Adequate planning also puts you in a good position for a productive conversation. If your performance review is just around the corner, these 5 tips can help you prepare for a positive experience:

Learn How to Respond to Feedback

It’s very important to respond in the correct manner without blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. Also, it pays to remember that even star employees will always receive some amount of criticism. Showing initiative and offering a mature response helps sent the tone for the appraisal.

Assess What You Already Know

To prevent misunderstandings, ensure you are aware of your job goals and the criteria for measuring success. Communicating regularly with team leaders will help you assess your own performance and avoid major surprises during reviews.

Collect Your Materials and Documentation

Sort through customer feedback, notes, weekly highlights, awards or recognitions and select those that may prove to be useful during the performance review. Organizing important information in a portfolio helps provide proof of your accomplishments.

Perform a Self-Evaluation

Review the job description for your role and perform an honest self-evaluation. Look back at previous performance reviews, if any, and determine if you’ve exceeded requirements for the position.

Think About Questions You May Want to Ask

A performance review is a good time to ask questions and discuss your career goals. Share ideas that you may have and demonstrate your enthusiasm if you want to be considered for promotion.

Leverage the Opportunity

In many companies, performance reviews invariably fill employees with a sense of unease and dread. However, adequate preparation can help you navigate the appraisal process with more confidence and you will benefit from constructive feedback.

Planning beforehand helps you know what to expect and also avoids impulsive reactions to questions. What’s more, this is a good time to project yourself for a promotion or a raise. Instead of feeling flustered, you can use the opportunity to clarify expectations, discuss career goals and plan for the future.

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