pmo partners showcase project management skills changing industries

The Art of Pivoting: Highlighting Your Project Management Skills While Switching Industries

While many skills learned within project management are transferrable across industries, it can be challenging to make a broad career jump. First-hand project management experience makes your shift into leadership roles within new industries far less of a struggle than you’d anticipate. Whatever your reasons for changing industries, you can always put your project management skills to good use.

The increase in demand for project-oriented skills across industries is an opportunity for project managers looking to make a change. What you need to do is to showcase your technical expertise, people skills and business acumen and most importantly, how you drive your team to positive outcomes. However, although project management skills are universally applicable, you still need to put the time in to research the industry you want to break into and how your skills can add value.

The following ideas help you highlight your project management skills and make a successful industry transition.

Create Targeted Project Management Resumes for the New Industry

Highlight the project management fundamentals that match the job requirements; employers want clear evidence that you have the right project management skills for the role. In particular, your resume should demonstrate your ability to guide projects through planning, execution and closure. Highlight your project management achievements within your industry as a way to showcase the value you’ve brought to past opportunities.

Identify and Bridge the Skills Gap

Embrace your new niche industry by researching the knowledge you need, skills gaps that need to be closed and certifications that may help you establish credibility. Find ways to get first-hand experience about your industry and absorb as much insider information as possible prior to the transition. Prepare in advance to showcase your project management skills in the most beneficial manner.

Network Strategically

Network strategically to establish an entirely new set of industry connections.  Project managers who make a concentrated effort to create new networks find easier to propel their careers forward in the new industry. Reach out to industrial organizations and find the best ways to transfer your project management skills for the new role.

It’s also a good idea to connect with recruiters who have experience with your target market – that way, you can maximize your job search in lesser time.

Adapt Your Project Management Skills to a New Industry

Focusing on elements that all projects have in common helps you transfer your project management skills across industries and organizations. Emphasize the professional nature of your project management skills, get up-to-date training or take a refresher course if the job requires additional technical expertise.

With the demands of globalization, teams are often diverse and spread out and as a result, nearly every industry welcomes project management competencies. Looking for career help navigating new project management opportunities? PMO Partners is experienced at placing project managers and other IT professionals in top firms. Contact us to discuss career goals and transitions to new roles.