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4 Tips for Improving Communication Among Co-Workers in a Team Project

Communication in project management is something a lot of teams struggle with. While you’re all working towards the same goal, it can seem like everyone is off working in a different direction. When all is said and done, it will come together beautifully – but in the meantime, it would be helpful if the level of communication was elevated and more consistent.

As an important member of a project team, there things you can do as an individual that will work towards fostering a more communicative environment throughout every level of your team. As they say, it all starts with you. These four tips will help fine-tune your own communication skills while encouraging more positive dialogue among your teammates.


Acknowledge Viewpoints That Differ From Your Own

Differing perspectives and viewpoints are essential to the success of a project. If it weren’t for others presenting thoughts that differed from our own, we’d have limited opportunities for personal and professional growth. Diversity in viewpoints is a good thing, but it can present challenges when it comes to effective communication.

When communicating with other members of your project team, keep their viewpoints in mind, be open to what they’re saying and most importantly, be respectful. Make a point to acknowledge their viewpoints and validate what they’re saying. These are the first steps to opening the pathways of communication.


Communicate With Your Team’s Common Vision and Goals in Mind

When a team of individuals is working on a project, it’s easy to become sidetracked from the common goal. When communicating with team members, make a point to keep the vision of the project and the goals you’re all working collectively toward in mind. If what you’re saying isn’t aligned with the project’s vison, rethink your approach and what you really want to say.


Establish Lines of Communication and Build a Positive Environment

What’s the key to establishing clear lines of communication? It really doesn’t take much more effort than just being approachable with a positive attitude about the project and your team. Make it clear that team members can come to you with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Also, provide them with the best route for reaching you – face to face, group chats, personal emails, etc.


Stay Upbeat and Spread Positivity

Finally, people communicate more effectively in a positive environment. Do your part to encourage communication by contributing positivity to your team. Stay upbeat and face challenges with a “can-do” attitude. Trust that positivity is contagious and will lead to more open communication.


Communication Is Paramount to Project Success

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