Project Management

Project Management Skills That Will Boost Your Growth

You want to experience career growth as a project manager, and honing the right skills will allow you to do this. If you already have project management skills, work to grow them even more and highlight them in your resume and during interviews. If you do not have the skills, work to develop them. Doing so will improve your value as a project manager, making it easier to find career growth.

Project Managers Should Have Cost Management Skills

Project management is about more than just ensuring that your team completes tasks on time. You must also manage the costs of the project to ensure that it stays within the budget.

Cost management connects closely to time and scope management. The three of these are the “project management triangle” or “triple constraint,” as you need to find the balance between all three.

Organization Skills Will Boost Your Growth

While organizational skills are useful for any job, they are essential for project management. You must stay organized to track every single element of the project. This includes who is responsible for each task, the deadline, and whether the task is on track. Some of these organizational skills are soft skills, but it is also helpful if you have experience using project management tools to help you stay organized. Potential employers will view that experience favorably.

Planning Skills Are Vital

As a project manager, you must also have excellent planning skills. One of the key roles of IT project managers is to create a roadmap based on the goals. This roadmap must be realistic and balance the time, scope, and cost constraints mentioned earlier. Developing a strategic plan requires the knowledge of how long various tasks should take as well as a high level of organization.

Be a Leader

It should also go without saying that project managers should hone their leadership skills. While you won’t spearhead a project, you must guide others. This involves delegating tasks, planning, running meetings, and holding team members accountable.

Good Project Managers Are Patient

Having patience will also help you excel as a project manager. Patience will come in handy in several respects. Most importantly, it will help you overcome challenges and delays in the project. If you are patient, you will have the skills to calmly come up with alternative solutions if something does not go as planned.

Use Critical Thinking Skills

To be a good project manager, you should also hone your critical thinking skills. This includes the ability to remove emotion so you can think objectively. This is a skill that many people in IT already have, so you may simply need to hone it instead of starting from scratch.

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