IT Project Management

Do You Know Your Worth in the IT Project Management Industry?

In an era of increasing inflation and limited resources, company owners want to know the ROI of every hire. Onboarding new employees is a calculated investment resulting in exceptional value, especially when hiring an IT project manager.

With the average IT project manager in the United States averaging nearly $100,000 in salary, upper-level managers want to be sure they’re onboarding top-level talent. High-performing talent can add an estimated $14,000 to their wages, thanks to bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing.

To be sure, a salary like this recognizes the value, but the real
value lies in the last effects an IT project manager can have on an organization.

IT project management industry brings unique skills to the table

Company owners and anyone running a business recognize the importance of coming up with great ideas. They also recognize the difficulty in executing them.

That’s where IT project management comes in. Project managers understand what must happen between the inception and completion of projects. They employ scientific methodologies guaranteed to produce results, and throughout the process,  they “mitigate risk, overcome obstacles and solve many problems typical in business projects. These processes and techniques can be utilized to achieve predictable results, rather than a hit-or-miss approach.”

Demonstrate your IT project manager worth

Interviewers ask questions designed to reveal how well you might fit in with the company. You also should be interviewing the company to determine if they’ll recognize the value you bring to the position.

Here’s how to answer common questions:

  • How do you stay on top of industry trends?

Demonstrate evidence of continuing education, additional certifications, and membership in professional organizations.

  • How well-versed are you in state and federal regulations affecting our business?

Show your awareness of regulations or laws and a willingness to remain current.

  • What’s your communication style?

Reveal an aptitude for building global teams, meeting and working virtually, and a focus on building lasting relationships.

  • What about our environment do you think you would enjoy most?

Respond in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the corporate brand and culture.

  • What methodologies do you use in your project management?

Point out methodologies aligned with the company, such as Agile or Six Sigma.

Successful IT project management takes more than the ability to create a Gantt chart and tick off the boxes each time a part of the process is completed. Success in the IT project management industry comes about because of the soft skills required to motivate teams and stakeholders. If you’re a top-talent candidate, you also possess emotional intelligence, think critically, and develop an ability to inspire those with whom you work – all skills that add value.

Your IT project management recruiter can tell you your market worth and where to get it. They can help you find a great place to work where you’re work will be valued.

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