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How to Use Servant Leadership to Strengthen Your Team

Servant leadership is becoming an increasingly popular style of management.  Servant leaders seek out opportunities to help their employees, rather than having their employees help them. Leading by example creates an atmosphere where serving others is the top priority.

This style of management empowers employees to make decisions on their own, which can significantly improve company culture and employee morale as a result. Here are a few ways you can use servant leadership to strengthen your team.

Allow Them to See You

Your employees should witness your service to others within the company. When they start to take notice, encourage them to help by joining you. Leading by example is a great way to teach your employees how to help others, which helps to foster a culture where the well-being of the team comes first.

Invest in Your Employees

One of the biggest investments that you can make as a leader is your time. Give your time unselfishly to your team. Show an interest in them, their lives and their work. The connection you build with them will impact their daily job performance, as well as your bottom line. When your employees see your involvement, it helps them take ownership of their work and contributions to the business.

As a servant leader, you are saying to your employees, “I hired you for the job, what do you think?” This type of leadership empowers employees to use their expertise to complete the job at hand. Giving employees the freedom to take the reins creates a higher level of productivity.

Show Them You Care

A good servant leader is someone who can show their team that they care without sacrificing customer service or business operations. Take care of your employees. Once you start taking care of them, they will be more apt to take better care of your customers.

Don’t Restrict Yourself

A true servant leader doesn’t shy away from grunt work. Your team will quickly pick up on your go-get-them attitude, and start applying it to the work that they are doing. Show your employees what it really means to serve, and they’ll show your customers the same dedication.

Lead by Example in Project Management

If you aren’t right out in front leading your employees, you really aren’t leading at all. You’re simply reacting. True leaders lead by example. Hold yourself to higher standards, and your team will start to do the same. Also keep in mind that your team is always watching you, so give them something unique and memorable to watch. Become a true servant leader and shake things up in your workforce management. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Part of servant leadership is knowing what you excel at and what you need others to help with, and helping them do their job to the best of your abilities. If you need help finding experienced project management professionals who will contribute to a positive work culture, contact PMO Partners today. We’re experts in what we do, and our main focus is simple: to help our clients find solutions.