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Plan Ahead in Your Career By Thinking Like a CIO

Is making a career move from IT Manager or Project Manager to CIO something you’re considering in the future? If so, the first step in doing so is learning how to shift your perspective and focus to how you can become that type of leader.

By focusing only on your current job and not the things happening around you, you’ll end up limiting yourself within your current role. Instead, shake things up and change your mindset to that of a CIO, starting today.

Develop a Technology Plan for Your Organization

A technology plan consists of a priority list of current IT projects within your organization. To develop a solid plan, you will first have to understand your organization’s strategic goals, as well as how to align them with developmental goals to create a stronger success strategy.

You can do this by starting conversations with senior management or department heads about organizational and departmental goals and plans in place, and what more you can do to help achieve those.

Carve Out Time for Strategic Thinking and Learning

When’s the last time you sat down just to think? Set aside time each week to quietly sit back and think about things like current challenges or potential opportunities for your organization, small changes that would create more efficient processes or how technology could better support staff and the organization as a whole in the future.

The most effective and successful technology leaders didn’t get where they are today just by generating reports and keeping their head in the sand. They got involved and took the reins on their career.

Educate Yourself

Get outside of the confines of your office and take time to learn. As a technology leader, you must remain current on new trends, as well as how they may aid or hinder your organization in advancing your goals and objectives. Review your notes with other IT professionals to learn more about about any issues they are currently dealing with, how technology is helping to address these issues and what’s next on their radar.

Communicate for Success

Even the best CIO’s have difficulty communicating complex IT concepts to non-technical audiences. Learning now how to effectively communicate between technical and non-technical stakeholders can aid in project success rates.

Are You Ready for the Next Career Step in Project Management?

Furthering your career on the path to CIO will take strategic vision and perseverance. At PMO Partners, we understand what it takes to prepare for the upward mobility you are looking for. Contact us today so that when a seat opens up at the senior management table, you’ll be ready.