Speaker Spotlight: Belinda Goodrich

About the Author: A proven and experienced business executive, Belinda Goodrich’s career spans more than 20 years of senior leadership experience. A results-driven change management expert, her project portfolio includes international, multi-million-dollar projects spanning the financial, government, engineering, healthcare, and IT industries. Belinda’s new book comes out in May 2019: “Get It Done. The Simple Process for Finding Harmony by Destroying Your To-Do List.”

We are inundated with products, applications, and widgets all proclaiming to help us improve our productivity. But if we do not understand the root causes of the lack of productivity, the greatest product in the world cannot help.

In my book, Get It Done, we reveal that oftentimes the very actions we take in an attempt to get more done, actually have the opposite effect, creating a downward spiral of frustration and lack of motivation. We are experiencing an epidemic of not only discouraging workplace statistics, but also health-related impacts such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and obesity.

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Our ability to be efficiently and effectively productive is based on the higher order functioning and processing of our brains. When we are in a reactive, fight-or-flight mode, it is much more challenging – and in some cases impossible – to access the executive portion of our brain, the neocortex.

Thinking analytically and creatively is dependent on that executive brain. In environments of high stress, lack of self-care, and challenging deadlines, many people find it impossible to break away from that fight-or-flight reaction. This is often called an “amygdala hijack”. Project teams can be especially susceptible to this type of hijack due to project demands.

In this information-packed session, we will share the common underlying causes that impact our work environment, discuss how our brain reacts to those causes, and provide participants with proven techniques and hacks for immediately increasing our personal productivity and the productivity of our teams. In addition, participants will all receive a PDF of my Top 5 Hacks to share with their teams. Register today and we’ll see you on Wednesday, May 15 at 12 p.m. ET for “Get It Done! Maximizing Productivity on Your Project Team.”